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Felis’s Innovations in SRI rice techniques – Number 1

Gee, we have some creative problem solvers on our staff at MCE-A! Felis Bere, SRI Implementation leader, had a problem. Lots of rice seeds to germinate and later plant out. To build the usual bamboo nursery frames was time consuming … Continue reading

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Mr. Jose Martins, Cooperative Haburas Sare

Sare Asulau village is in the sub district Hatulia, Ermera district. Jose Martins is 58-years-old, his wife’s name is Virginha Maya. They have two sons. Their youngest is currently in junior high school. He has leprosy. Mr Jose is a … Continue reading

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Minister of Agriculture to visit Suai SRI fields

Good news today, we are honoured that the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ir. Mariano Assanami Sabino, has requested to visit Suai MCE-A co-operatives growing SRI rice this week. Suai is a district that often faces food shortages and has been … Continue reading

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